Sanea Bus -2016

Ibtechar collaborated with Occidental and QDB to develop Sanea Bus Qatar Flagship “mobile” fab lab that is owned by ibtechar.The bus is equipped with digital manufacturing tools such as electrical kits, 3D printers and other digital fabrication tools and machines. 

Sanea Bus edutainment activities are project-based, consisting of the following stages: brainstorming, sketching, designing, connecting, building and analyzing. As students to pass through the various stations in the bus, they learn the engineering design and prototyping processes. The bus is currently operating, and the it conducted workshops for more than 400 students with collaboration with the Ministry of Education and HigherEducation.

We soon learned that we lacked the knowledge of building products, and the market wasn’t ready for such a solution to exist

Sanea Bus

2015- 2021