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Mada Center

Ibtechar designs the first assistive technology hub that enables persons with special needs access to technology and innovation.


Project Overview

The Challenge 

Design, produce and launch the first assistive technology hub in Qatar and the region during Covid lockdown.


Since it was launched in January 2022, MADA Fablab has given access to technology and innovation to hundreds of persons with special needs.

The Outcome

Successfully implemented numerous community and technology-based programs specifically tailored for persons with functional limitations (PFLs) and persons with disabilities (PWDs).


Mada the world’s Center of Excellence in digital access, founded to promote digital inclusion and create a technology-based community to cater for the needs of persons with functional limitations (PFLs) and persons with disabilities (PWDs) commissioned Ibtechar, Qatar’s leading practical innovation solutions provider, and an active contributor to Qatar’s journey towards a knowledge-based economy, to develop MADA Fablab, the first assistive technology hub in Qatar and the region.


Ibtechar was selected for MADA Fablab because of its expertise and knowledge in innovation, management and design. This hub is an innovative space that promotes the development of cutting-edge technologies and innovation programs for PWDs and PFLs. By empowering persons with disabilities and providing them with opportunities to participate in innovation, this assistive technology hub is helping to create a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Ibtechar’s commitment to solving problems with innovative, practical, and technology-advanced solutions was a key factor in the success of the MADA Fablab project. 

“At Ibtechar, our mission is to solve your perceived problem with the most innovative, practical, and technologically-advanced solution – guaranteeing your end-user has an unforgettable experience.”

– Nayef Al-Ibrahim – CEO and Co-Founder of Ibtechar

This dedication to providing an exceptional user experience, combined with its expertise in design and innovation, ensured that MADA Fablab was tailored to the needs of PFLs and PWDs , promoting accessibility and inclusivity.

The MADA Fablab project was also driven by a deep commitment to inspiring people with special needs.

“We imagined Fablab as a one-stop hub that provides a range of assistive technology resources and services to persons with disabilities, empowering each person to envision a life filled with innovative and creative ideas. We provide information, technical support, and  access to the latest technologies, helping promote independence and improving overall quality of life.”

– Ms. Maha Al Mansouri – CEO of Mada Center

This commitment to investing in persons with disabilities and providing them with the technology and support they need to thrive was a driving force behind the project and was critical to its success.


Through thorough research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and iteration, Ibtechar developed the user experience and MADA Fablab design, incorporating elements that facilitated accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics, all while providing an enjoyable user experience. 

The use of environmentally friendly materials, locally sourced, taking into account the environmental, social, and economical impact of the project on the local Qatari economy was vital. Ibtechar was committed to delivering a socially responsible, economically viable, and environmentally conscious project. 

The optimization of the supply chain via sound procurement policies required to tackle COVID-19 restrictions was essential in ensuring  the project was completed on time. By streamlining the supply chain, and partnering with Qatari companies, Ibtechar was able to overcome the logistical challenges posed by the pandemic and deliver a quality project.

The recruitment of the right talent to commission and operate Mada FabLab for 18 months was fundamental in ensuring the assistive technology hub’s success. Ibtechar sourced the best talent, making sure the hub’s operations were efficient and effective. The certification of the space by the Fab Foundation to meet global standards was the final step in guaranteeing the hub met the highest standards of quality and safety.


The Mada Fablab project was highly successful in creating innovative solutions that positively impacted the lives of PFLs and PWDs. The participants leveraged advanced technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and electronic workbenches to develop approximately 22 projects. Notable projects included the ‘Talking Tesbeeh’, ‘Smart Grabber’, ‘One Finger Pen’, ‘E-tran’ Board, ‘Adaptive Cutlery Holding Device’, and ‘Dyslexia Reading Bar’.

In addition to developing innovative solutions, Mada Fablab team organized and facilitated 12 workshops since January 2022, providing comprehensive training sessions focused on 3D printing, designing, and electronics workbench. 

Currently, the project has eight committed members who are dedicated to creating meaningful solutions that positively impact the lives of people with similar disabilities. 

This partnership is a successful example of how public-private interests can promote economic growth and inclusivity in society. Fablab is a testament to the power of innovation and MADA share commitment to creating meaningful change in the community.


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