Innovation-Driven Growth:


As a committed driver of sustainable growth and an initiator of innovative transformations, Ibtechar hosted a roundtable titled, “Innovation-Driven Growth: A Deep-Dive into Corporate Innovation Frameworks.” This collaborative discussion welcomed leaders from Vidscola, Applab, and Hamad International Airport (HIA), providing a platform to delve into systematic and strategic innovation within corporate frameworks, sharing crucial insights, common practices, and collective wisdom.


Innovation is the cornerstone of sustained growth and competitiveness for both emerging and well-established businesses. It is the driving force that enables corporate leaders to not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Innovation is a strategic imperative that is amplified with the ability to identify opportunities for improvement, devise creative solutions, and successfully implement them. Whether a company is a startup such as Applab looking to disrupt existing markets or a longstanding airport such as HIA seeking to maintain its leadership position, the ability to innovate is fundamental.

We will uncover the strategies, frameworks, and insights that empowered Applab, Vidscola and HIA to harness innovation as a driving force, paving the way for sustainable success in an increasingly competitive and disruptive business landscape.

We will explore how innovation transcended mere product development; and included every facet of these organizations, from processes and business models to customer engagement and employee culture.


HIAHamad International Airport

How does HIA integrate its innovation frameworks into operational strategies to
boost growth and enrich passenger experience?

Managing the challenges of overseeing innovation within large entities like HIA includes carefully channeling countless ideas generated within various teams, harnessing the passion and vitality of these teams to design innovative solutions that are precisely tailored to meet and enhance customers’ needs and experiences.

Navigating Innovation: A Deep Dive into HIA’s Approach HIA stands out for its innovative approach, combining internal strategies and collaborative efforts, aiming to optimize existing technologies and methodologies through actionable change. HIA’s innovation philosophy is not only about inventing something new but in recognizing that existing technologies and methodologies can be improved and applied more broadly.

HIA’s Strategic Innovation Framework, Identifies Five Key Enablers:

Rather than seeking external consultation, HIA leverages the ideas and commitment of its own team, with a sharp focus on enhancing the passenger experience and giving precedence to service improvements. HIA’s Strategic Innovation Framework identifies five key enablers, which involve not only
implementing new strategies but also adopting a Fail-Fast Approach and crowdsourcing idea

  1. Supportive Culture and Strategy: Incorporating a strategic perspective that positions innovation at the pinnacle of organizational practice, by introducing programs like Employee Wellness to bolster team morale.
  1. Engagement with All Stakeholders: Promoting exhaustive and inclusive interaction with all entities involved, ensuring that employees are both heard and valued through platforms such as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).
  1. Structured and Efficient Processes: Safeguarding the innovation journey through smooth, non-redundant, and efficient processes, backed by Quality Management Systems to ensure peak service delivery.
  1. Technological Advancements: Utilizing technology as a starting point to facilitate and enhance innovative ventures and implementing emerging technologies like IoT and AI to grow operational efficiency.
  1. Continuous Insights and Introspection: Committing to a self-reflective approach, which ensures that opportunities for improvement are persistently explored to prevent stagnation and complacency.

Addressing Challenges and Implementing Solutions:

Despite numerous awards and acclaims, HIA remains vigilant against complacency, as it continuously thrives towards innovation and improvement. Operational challenges arise with on-ground teams often being busy with daily tasks, which leads to a diminished focus on innovation. Moreover, a prevalent fear of change and potential failure, coupled with delays in decision-making, may pose substantial barriers to implementing swift solutions.

To address these challenges, HIA intends to adopt:

Unwavering Commitment to Innovation: A stern resolution to continually innovate, unaffected by preceding awards, including adopting new initiatives like Innovation Labs.

Allocating Time for Ideation: Establishing dedicated timeslots for employees to detach from routine tasks and brainstorm improvements.

Safe Space for Ideas: Cultivating an environment where idea-sharing is free from the dread of failure, thereby fostering a culture where risks in innovation are encouraged and celebrated.

Importance of Customer Feedback: Maintaining a constant focus on passenger feedback and satisfaction, utilizing comprehensive customer feedback systems to continually refine and enhance their experiences.

The integration of a clear innovation strategy, stakeholder engagement, and a continual commitment to improvement is the guiding principle that drives both passenger experience and operational excellence and guarantees HIA remains an airline industry leader.


How does Applab navigate the challenges of rapid organizational growth while maintaining a committed focus on innovative strategies and adaptability within the Qatari corporate framework?

Based in Doha, Qatar, Applab, positions itself as a leading entity in software data, and cloud engineering solutions enabling smart city applications and digital transformation – it was awarded the Service Provider of the Year, Qatar Digital Business award in 2021. Its deep-rooted understanding of the local landscape gives Applab an advantage and provides a keen perspective into steering corporate strategies within day-to-day operations, especially when combined with its firm commitment to innovation.

Key Takeaways on Innovation:

Innovation includes the clever adoption of existing technologies to creatively solve problems.

Addressing internal challenges, like those encountered during its expansion from 10 to 250 employees, required innovative management strategies, as illustrated by the launch of the “Applab 2.0″ initiative. This program represents a forward-thinking strategy to channel ideas from all teams, ensuring Applab consistently leads in Hi-Tech industry solutions and innovations.

The sustainability in its approach is further reflected by Applab’s commitment to knowledge transfer and training. Preparing clients like Qatar Foundation with the skills and efficiency-enhancing solutions that are sustainable and forward-looking, underlines how internally developed innovative strategies can be translated into effective, long-term, client-oriented solutions.

Applab‘s broader service expansion, beyond just software to infrastructure and data, signifies an adaptability to technological and industry evolution. Eng. Al Hassan Al Sammarraie, Applab’s Founding Managing Partner, remarks,Applab‘s journey has been one of resilience, innovation, and foresight. As we look to the future, we’re driven by our commitment to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in software, data, and cloud engineering.” 

Adapting to Technological Changes and Client Solutions:

Confronted with the challenges posed by rapid scaling, especially those related to maintaining a consistent innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, Applab stresses the importance of balancing skill acquisition and strategic innovation. This illustrates the importance of perpetually advancing and adapting to stay competitive and relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

Navigating Rapid Growth and Industry Relevance:

Continuous innovation and adaptation are vital to avoid becoming obsolete in a competitive landscape. Strategic partnerships, like Applab’s collaboration with Microsoft, enabled early access to new technologies, boosting innovative client-centric solutions.

By incorporating innovative strategies and a forward-looking approach to technological advancements and partnerships, Applab offers a clear blueprint, emphasizing its dedication to addressing both rapid organizational growth and industry transformation.


How can organizations ensure that their agile methodologies are truly driving innovation rather than just following established practices?

Recognized by leading agile institutions and backed by a diverse team of experts, Vidscola stands as a prominent figure in agile transformations within the Middle East. As numerous companies embark on their agile journey, integrating this approach with true innovation proves challenging, often hindered by entrenched traditional processes.

The corporate landscape is riddled with challenges that demand innovative approaches for solutions. Integrating innovation into the fabric of a business, as emphasized by Vidscola‘s CEO, Mohammed Ghanem, can be the differentiator that sets a company apart in the market. CEO’s Insight: “More than ideation, enterprise innovation means weaving inventive thinking into the DNA of your products and services’ delivery process.”

Challenges and Solutions in Corporate Innovation:

To push forward in today’s competitive market, organizations must overcome various challenges. Vidscola highlights some of these obstacles, especially the reluctance to change within organizations and the difficulties in sustaining growth and innovation momentum.

Organizational Reluctance to Change:

Fear of the unknown: Employees often resist change because they’re unsure of what lies ahead.

Perceived risks: Change can be seen as a potential threat to job security or established workflows.

Lack of understanding: Without clear communication, employees might not understand the reasons or benefits behind a change initiative.

Vidscola’s Solutions:

  1. Effective change management practices: Implementing structured methods to facilitate transitions ensures smoother adaptations.
  2. Building organizational buy-in: Garnering support from all levels of the organization ensures a collective effort towards change.
  3. Involving teams in design and planning: Giving teams a voice in the process fosters ownership and commitment.
  4. Comprehensive training: By equipping employees with the necessary skills, they become confident in navigating new systems or methods.
  5. Emphasizing change’s value: Highlighting the benefits and long-term gains of change motivates teams to adapt.
  6. Creating a receptive environment for feedback: Allowing open channels for concerns ensures employees feel heard, fostering a supportive change environment.

Strategies for Sustainable Growth: Embracing Agile and Continuous Innovation  

  • Aligning innovation with the business’s value propositions: Ensuring that new ideas directly complement and enhance the company’s core offerings boosts relevance and impact.
  • Ongoing innovation rather than isolated events: Promoting a culture where innovation is a continuous journey ensures sustained growth and relevance.
  • Agile Delivery & Consultation: Incorporating agile principles means valuing and acting on feedback, being ready to pivot when needed, and ensuring the customer remains central to the development process.
  • Customer-Centricity: Active involvement and transparency with clients throughout the project lifecycle fosters trust and ensures alignment with client needs.
  • Adapting to Business Needs: Leveraging agile methodologies allows businesses to swiftly adjust their strategies in response to market shifts or internal changes.
  • Mindset Evolution: The modern business landscape requires shedding some traditional views in favor of more adaptive, forward-looking perspectives.
  • Knowledge Transfer Importance: By consistently updating and educating teams about the latest technologies and best practices, businesses ensure they remain at the forefront of their industry.

How is Vidscola Pioneering Corporate Innovation and Agile Integration in the Middle East?

Vidscola champions the establishment of a dedicated Innovation Hub, streamlining the innovation process and centralizing its oversight, as the agility of responding to market signals, such as emerging startups or shifting customer behaviors, is vital. The true essence of innovation and agile synergy is perceived as a complete cycle, starting with understanding the customer and ending with agile development.

Ultimately, Vidscola emphasizes the critical balance between agility—for adaptability—and a strong innovation foundation to ensure organizations, particularly in regions like the Middle East, integrate innovation with agile methodologies to stay relevant and at the forefront of industry developments.

Concluding Thoughts: 

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting market dynamics, the importance of corporate innovation cannot be overstated. Organizations in Qatar and the Middle East must integrate agile innovation into their core strategies. This proactive approach is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage, ensuring longevity and sustained growth in an ever-changing global market. Eng. Nayef Al Ibrahim, CEO and Co-founder of Ibtechar, insightfully concluded: “As we look to the future, embracing corporate innovation is not just a choice but a necessity. Ibtechar, with its pioneering initiatives and a solid foundation in steering corporate innovation in Qatar, is the perfect partner to assist businesses on their transformative journey.” 

A pivotal question: In your organization’s pursuit of innovation, how are you preparing to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future?



Innovation-Driven Growth: A Deep-Dive into Corporate Innovation Frameworks” explores the exciting world of business innovation in Qatar and the wider Middle East. We take a close look at how top-tier companies like HIA, Applab, and Vidscola are redefining the traditional business model, embedding innovation and agile practices into their everyday work. Their stories reveal not just a dedication to continuous improvement and growth, but also a dedication to shaping a future where businesses are flexible, resilient, and ever evolving.In a world that is constantly changing, the experiences of such entities present a compelling case for why and how businesses should incorporate innovation into their strategic plans. 

It’s a relatable, straightforward guide into navigating the current innovative practices, ensuring businesses not only survive but thrive in this modern market landscape.

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