Leveraging Procurement Frameworks to Foster Innovation

16 May 2023

Strategies and Best Practices
Round Table Event

​This event will be an opportunity for procurement professionals to come together and discuss the most effective strategies for encouraging and supporting innovation within organizations through the use of procurement frameworks.

During this roundtable we will discuss best practices for tailoring procurement frameworks to meet the unique needs of different industries and sectors, the role of emerging technologies in enabling procurement professionals to drive innovation, and the ethical considerations that should be kept in mind when implementing procurement frameworks.

DATE: Tuesday, 16 May 2023
TIME: 3:00 – 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Le Royale Meridian- Palace Vendome “L’Atelier”

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Meet and Greet3:00 PM
Opening Presentation by Eng. Nayef Al-Ibrahim – CEO & Co founder at Ibtechar3:15 PM
QRDI Intro Presentation by Haya Al Ghanim – QRDI Program Director3:25 PM
AWS Intro Presentation by Abdulaziz Al Meer – Head of Public Sector Partners in GCC3:35 PM
Hassad Intro Presentation by Jose Angel Iralde – Chief Strategy Officer3:45 PM
Panel Discussion moderated by Eng. Nayef Al-Ibrahim
Leveraging Procurement frameworks to foster innovation: Strategies and best practices
3:55 PM
Networking Session5:00 PM